Global Citizenship


Global Citizenship

Durham Trinity School & Sports College School delivers a broad and balanced curriculum, enhanced by school partnerships with other countries. This has made learning more meaningful to the pupils. Many students will never travel to experience the life and culture of our world; therefore, it is our duty to bring the outside world into our school.

In September 2014 Durham Trinity School & Sports College gained the British Council International Schools Award for the fourth time, showing our commitment to global education.

At Durham Trinity School an international dimension is inclusive to every member of the school community. An international equality and diversity policy ensures equity within our school and also the wider school community, many of whom are regular visitors to our school and either support subject areas or visit our weekly community café.

To reinforce an understanding of ‘difference’ visitors from Lebanon, Teiyko University of Japan and our four European Erasmus+ partners have visited during the year. Community cohesion is strength of Durham Trinity.

The success of our application for specialist school status in P.E, which incorporates a global dimension, has reinforced our excellence in the area of education. DTS Interact club, a junior branch of Rotary International, allows our pupils to make a positive contribution in our local community and has empowered our members to allocate funding through their enterprise to identified needs in Russia, India, and Guinea Bissau.

Multinational business and enterprise projects, such as a Comenius seed project, have engaged our pupils in a meaningful activity supporting economic well-being. During the year all our pupils gain experience of different cultures through our many theme days and activities.

Our enhancement programme has included a Japanese theme day delivered by the students and staff of Teiyko University. Theme days have engaged all pupils and some parents in a variety of cultural events, which have included Bollywood dancing, African drumming, Chinese therapeutic dancing, North African belly dancing and brass band events from France, Italy, Spain and Mali. These fun inclusive events engage all learners and provide pupils, staff and the community with the opportunity to celebrate diversity.

Apart from experiencing different cultures in school, pupils are also made aware of world issues and support those less privileged by raising funds or by holding awareness events. During the year pupils at Durham Trinity School & Sports College have raised funds for a number of national, European and international charities and have participated in national initiatives such as Sports Relief and Red Nose Day.