Swale Class

Swale Class is a class predominately a KS1 class. We have 6 boys and 1 girl from ranging Reception to early KS2.

Swale class is a continuous provision where the curriculum is fluid, to support the needs of our children. This helps them to be as independent as possible so they can become thriving adults in later life. The environment is forever changing as the needs of the children change.
Swale class has a positive social environment where the children can learn about relationships in their own time and way. Autonomy is respected at all times; this includes freedom to move their bodies any way they need to,
stimming, making sounds and moving as human beings generally do.
We are a class that always presumes competence and all communication is valid (gesture, guiding, Makaton, AAC devices, Communication boards, etc).
We focus on positive interaction with encouragement and acknowledgment, which guides the children toward positive interactions with their peers.
Swale class children play and engage in their own way, which makes learning skills easier for them as they are motivated internally to do so. The class is very much set out to meet the children’s Sensory needs (Visual
Auditory, Olfactory, Gustatory, Tactile , Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Interoceptive system.to support co-regulation and self-regulation throughout each day.
They learn best by experiencing, thinking, touching and figuring it out in their own time.

Lots of our pupils have speech, language and communication difficulties and are non-speaking as well as difficulties with their sensory systems and with Emotional Regulation, so we receive support from Speech and Language or Occupational Therapy if they need it.
We love to have fun with our learning, especially when outside and some of us love to get messy!
The children are supported by a teacher, and 1 enhanced teaching assistant and a teaching assistant.


Long Term Planning

To view the long term planning for all of our Special Autistic Pathway EYFS & KS1 classes please click the document below.