Careers – CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance)

Durham Trinity School and Sports College Career’s Leader is Mrs Fiona Day (AHT). If you would like to view our Provider Access Policy Statement please click on the document below, if you would like to view an example CEAIG Careers Curriculum Map please click the PDF below.




Every school should use the 8 Gatbsy benchmarks to develop and improve the quality of their careers education and provision. Two auditing tools are currently being utilised by Durham Trinity School and Sports College to evaluate our current CEIAG programme and to action plan for the future. Schools need to begin to evidence the work done towards the 8 Benchmarks from 2020.

Durham Trinity School and Sports College were active members of the Careers Primary Pilot Scheme delivered by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP). This has recently concluded but the school still provide and audit Careers provision for Primary pupils and measure this against the NELEP Primary Gatsby Benchmarks. Durham Trinity School are also part of the SEND Careers Hub facilitated by the North East LEP.

CEIAG is a legal requirement from Year 8, however, at Durham Trinity School and Sports College pupils begin their CEIAG in Nursery or Reception through Areas of study such as ‘People who help us’ or ‘All about me’ which begins to explore their personal qualities, likes and dislikes.

As pupils continue their education, the CEIAG curriculum becomes more formalised e.g. Through the delivery of a Princes Trust Employability Skills accreditation in Key Stage 4 or World of Work Modules of study in KS5 and pupils are given, at key transition points, the opportunity to liaise with a representative from the SEND Casework Team (where appropriate) to discuss their career goals, aspirations and learning pathways in an impartial manner.

Classes throughout the school are given the opportunity to participate in the School Council, expressing their opinions on a range of issues which affect the school community.

A Careers Action Plan is devised at the start of each school year and evaluated throughout the year. Here are some actions from this year’s action plan:

    • To host a Careers Fair which can be accessed by all Secondary aged pupils (at least) and which includes opportunities to engage with employers, those who deliver apprenticeships, Universities, 6th form provisions and local colleges.
    • To celebrate Careers Experiences with Parents/Carers.
    • To ensure all pupils in all year groups have at least opportunity to engage with a provider or a workplace in each school year.
    • To develop opportunities for pupils to experience Further and Higher Education Providers including Sixth Forms.

If you would like to discuss the careers programme for your child or if you are a business/company that would like to get involved with Enterprise and Careers at Durham Trinity School and Sports College please contact Fiona Day (Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for CEIAG) on the school email address, via the ‘Contact Us’ section or by telephone on 0191 386 4612.


Parent, Carer and Pupil Pathways and Provisions Guidance

There are a range of Post 16 and Post 19 options available on transition from Durham Trinity School and Sports College. The information available in this area is by no means exhaustive but will give an idea of some of the potential providers you (as parents, carers or pupils) may wish to explore when thinking about transition. Please click on the links below for more information.