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Welcome to Durham Trinity’s Mental Health & Well Being section of the school’s website. The aim of #SELFIE is to raise your awareness to all potential aspects of your young person’s well-being and signpost young learners, parents and carers to additional support.

Information shared on the #SELFIE page will comprise of links to useful websites, upcoming training and events in the school community. Also, within this section of the website you will also find links to our RSHE (Relationship, Sex, Health, and Education) curriculum.

I hope you find this a useful resource!

Ms McCarthy

Pupil Emotional Well Being Lead & RSHE Lead


Interventions at Durham Trinity School & Sports College

At Durham Trinity school & Sports College we are committed to providing effective and enjoyable teaching and learning environments, where young people are nurtured, believe in their capabilities, thrive and succeed throughout their life.

As staff we also pride ourselves on being Trauma Informed within our practice and in particular how we respond to the needs of our young people. Excellent staff and student relationships across the whole school, including with governors, and externally with families, the wider community and other services are paramount. Promoting social and emotional well-being and responding to mental health difficulties, makes a substantial difference to our young learners and their families. We have therefore coordinated our practices to create a triage referral system for our referrals, and therefore respond effectively for those struggling with social emotional and mental health issues

Our ‘in house’ targeted emotional support provided is as follows;

THRIVE Intervention

The Thrive Approach® teaches you how to be and what to do, in response to young people’s differing levels of emotional development, providing targeted strategies and activities to help them re-engage with life and learning.

Dog Therapy

We have our own resident therapy dog called Barbara. She supports our young learners’ mental health by providing attention & comfort as well teaching tolerance, patience and unconditional love.


Theraplay is a proactive, intensive, relationship focused intervention that involves respectful, emotionally attuned, interactive, physical play. With the support of our Theraplay practitioner, the child begins to feel safe, increases social engagement, expands arousal regulation, and develops positive self-esteem.

Sensory Attachment Intervention

Sensory Attachment Intervention is an integrative approach that supports sensory processing. The aim of the interventions is to enable children to learn the art of self-regulation and co-regulation through the use of sensory and engagement strategies.

Self Help Group Sessions

Self Help Group Sessions focus on improving learners’ understanding their own mental health, their triggers, how they present when heighted and helps them to develop self-help strategies. It also supports them how to communicate to other key people in their lives on how best they can be supported.

School Counsellor

Our School Counsellor provides 1:1 therapeutic sessions that focus on helping our young people to discuss their problems, thoughts and feelings in a confidential setting and develop strategies. This form of therapy can either be through talking or play, depending on the needs of the young person.

Below you will find signposting to helpful resources, research, websites and training that will guide you in the mental health and emotional well-being of your young person.

We hope you find this useful and supportive.


Useful Links


Cheesy Waffles Social Group for SEN


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Winston’s Wish

Child Bereavement UK

Grief Encounter

Anna Freud

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Durham Works

New College Durham

East Durham College

Learning for Life

Disabled Person’s Bus Pass application


Pop & Olly

Words for Life

Strong Family Alliance

Mermaids UK

Additional Parent/Carer Support

Roller Coaster Support Group (Newton Aycliffe) – Tel: 0741 538 0040


Durham County Carers

Daisy Chain Project

CAPVA (Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse)

Durham Local Offer