Our School Vision


Our School Vision

Fully inclusive and appropriate education is provided for the whole child.

A holistic and nurturing approach to support pupil’s social, emotional, communication, mental health and wellbeing at the appropriate level to the child.

A curriculum that develops skills and knowledge, alongside opportunities to apply and develop life skills.

Physical activities to develop creativity, resilience and risk taking whilst becoming healthy and active young people.

Staff specialism and bespoke skill set ensures that each child is inspired, and reaches their full potential – physically, mentally and academically

Creative and innovative activities to challenge and develop thinking skills for all pupils no matter their SEND.

Pupil’s achievements and milestones are celebrated no matter how small.

Pupils are society ready and ready to take on their next steps in life – aiming high in life.

Staff are outward looking – (beyond the norm, outside the box) to ensure all pupils needs are met and to drive the school forward.

Staff Values

Trust each other to enable them to feel supported and to take risks and share practice within the classroom.

Receive innovative, developmental and effective training.

Be supported, cared for, challenged and valued.

Be professional, empathetic and supportive.

Be a united team; with time and opportunities to develop partnerships and relationships with others within school and beyond school.

Work as a whole school team, working in partnership to drive the school priorities forward where all pupils’ needs are met.

Have opportunities to develop and fulfil their potential in leading the school and their own professional development.

Enjoy their work and find it fulfilling.

Pupil Values

Pupils are recognised as individuals and their individual needs are met.

Pupils learning is fun, creative and challenging.

Pupils are supported academically, emotionally and socially.

Pupils acquire the skills, commitment and resilience to become successful, confident, well-rounded, independent life-long learners.

Pupils develop positive relationships whilst developing tolerance of others.

Parents/Carers Values

Parents are an active part of their child’s education

Reciprocal partnership between home and school to ensure continuity to support the whole child.

Parents communicate with staff and other professionals to support their child’s education and wellbeing

Parents work in partnership with staff and other professionals by attending meetings and courses where appropriate

Parents seek support from school or other professionals to support their child.

Parents share their expertise and knowledge about their child to ensure their child reaches their full potential.


A safe, nurturing environment where all pupils, staff and parents thrive

An open and honest school where we all trust each other

Everyone is here to work together and support each other reach their full potential

School is a happy and vibrant place where innovative and creative practice takes place where it is ok to make a mistake or take risks

The school community has a total communication approach and is accessible for all.

*The school vision, values and ethos have been shared with:

Full Governing Body – Summer 2019

Staff – Whole School Meeting – Summer 2019

Parents – Information Sharing Session – September 2019

Pupils – Assembly – September 2019

We continually share our vision, values and ethos with parents on an annual basis during New Pupil-Parent induction meetings and during Parent information Sharing Sessions.