Our Governing Body


Our Governing Body

Specialist Governors work closely with the headteacher, school staff and representatives from the local authority (LA). The Full Governing Body meet termly and committee meetings are held at least termly.

The Chair of the Governing Body is Chris Sparks and the Vice Chair is Michelle Mulholland.  If you would like to contact a member of the Governing Body please use the contact us section of this website.

Governor Roles and Responsibilities

Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff, and

Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent. (governors’ handbook January 2017, DfE)


Curriculum & Pupil Standards

Meetings: termly

Finance & Premises

Meetings: 2 per term


Meetings: termly


Meetings: at least annually


Meetings: as required

Pupil Progress

Pupil Attendance

School Improvement


Monitor Action Plans





Community Links

Pupil Welfare and Behaviour

Health and Safety





Financial Regulations


Voluntary Funds


Pupil Premium

Sports Premium

Service Level Agreements

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Monitor Action Plans

School Financial Values Standard (SFVS)


Staff Wellbeing


Performance Management

Monitor Action Plans

Staff Development

Whole School Pay Policy



Appeals: dismissal, disciplinary/ grievance, redundancy


Committee Chairs – strategic direction (meetings: termly)


Link Governor Role Governor Name Staff Link
Health and Safety Rosemary Smith Alison Jefferson – SBM
Safeguarding Sarah Glover Jack Peacock – AHT
Looked After Children Sarah Glover Sonya McCarthy
Online Safety

Sara Medland

Sarah Glover

Fiona Day – AHT

Aiden Shepherd

Michele Di Mascio

Brian Brown – Primary SENCO

Claire Taylor – Secondary & Post 16 SENCO

Behaviour and Emotional Wellbeing Michelle Mullholland

David Matthews – DHT

Sonya McCarthy – PEWL

Staff Wellbeing Michele Di Mascio

Sonya McCarthy

Claire Taylor

Pupil Allocations (Pupil Premium, Sport Premium)

Chris Sparks

Michele Di Mascio

Rachel Grimwood – HT

Pete Ramsey – Director of Sport

RSE Michelle Mullholland Sonya McCarthy – RSE Leader

SMSC Curriculum


Michelle Mullholland
  • David Matthews – DHT
  • Andrew Heywood SMSC Co-ordinator
Link Michele Di Mascio

Rachel Grimwood – HT

David Matthews – DHT

Pre Formal Pathway Rosemary Smith Louise Wise – Pathway Leader
Specialist Autism Discreet Pathway Michele Di Mascio Andrew Heywood – Pathway Leader
EYFS & Primary Semi Formal Pathway  Lorraine Coghill  Lorna Burns – Pathway Leader
Secondary Semi Formal Pathway Aiden Shepherd Paula Donkin – Pathway Leader
Post 16 Steven Bradley Jack Peacock – Leader





To witness impact of School Improvement Plan.

Familiarisation with staff, children and initiatives.


Receiving/ analysing reports from senior/middle leaders to inform understanding of progress.


Lead governors meet with senior/middle leaders for detailed analysis of subject under scrutiny.

Annual Governance Statement

Statutory Guidance for Governing Bodies

Durham Trinity School and Sports College adhere to the statutory guidance from the Department of Education. This means that governing bodies must have regard to it when carrying out duties relating to the constitution of governing bodies in maintained schools. For further information please view or download the full document below.

How To Become a School Governor

If you require further information on the roles and responsibilities of School Governors or you are interested in becoming one, visit the Durham County Council website School Governor section. Adobe Reader You may need a product like Adobe Reader (free download) to view our PDF documents on our website.

Governor Committee Structure

Name Representing Committee Term of Office Register of Interests
Mrs Sara Medland Staff Finance 02/07/2020-01/07/2024 NEXT Retail (second job)
Mr Aiden Shepherd Co-opted

Finance – Chair



29/03/2023-28/09/2027 Recruitment Consultant
Mrs Michelle Mulholland Co-opted

Vice Chair of Governors

Curriculum & Pupil Standards

First/Pay Review



18/12/2023-17/12/2027 None
Mrs Rachel Grimwood Headteacher



Curriculum & Pupil Standards

01/09/2016-31/08/2024 None
Cllr Mamie Simmons Local Authority

Curriculum & Pupil Standards

First Committee/Pay Review





Membership of LA

Governor at Framwellgate Moor Primary School and Newton Hall Infants School

Dr Chris Sparks Co-opted


Chair of Governors



24/02/2024-23/02/2028 None
Dr Michele Di Mascio Co-opted

First Pay Review






Dr Steven Bradley Co-opted

Curriculum & Pupil Standards



Trustee Melrose Learning Trust, Director of MammalWeb, Council of Professors and Head of Computing


Mrs Sarah Glover Parent


Curriculum & Pupils Standards





Mrs Rosemary Smith Parent






Lorraine Coghill Co-opted Curriculum & Pupil Standards  06/07/2023-05/07/2027 None

Previous Governors

Name End Date
Khaiko Makwela-Wali 20/04/2021
Cliona Kear 26/04/2022
Beverley O’Neil 24/11/2022
Micheal Martin 09/11/2022
Anne Marie Lister 09/11/2022

Governor Attendance

Schools are now required to display a record of Governor attendance at meetings for each school academic year.


✓   – Attended meeting

A/A   – Apologies sent and accepted by meeting

N   – Did not attend

X  – Not a member of the committee

Governor’s Meetings 2021-2022

Name Finance Committee – 30 September 2021 Personnel Committee – 12 October 2021 Curriculum Standards – 2 November 2021 Full Governing Body – 10 November 2021 Pay Review Committee – 23 November 2021 Finance Committee – 27 January 2022 Appeals Committee – 8 February 2022 Personnel Committee – 15 February 2022 Curriculum Standards -1 March 2022 Finance Committee – 10 March 2022 Full Governing Body – 16 March 2022 Appeals – 22 March 2022 Finance – 24 March 2022 Finance 12 May 2022 First Committee 16 May 2022 Curriculum Standards 24 My 2022 First Committee 30 May 2022 Full Governing Body 15 June 2022 First Committee 19 June 2022
Dr Chris Sparks X X X X X X X X X
Mrs Sara Medland X X X X X X A/A X X X X X X
Mr Michael Martin X A/A X A/A N N X N X X X X A/A X X X
Mrs Sarah Glover X X X X X X X X X
Mrs Michelle Mullholland X A/A X X X X X A/A X X
Mr Aiden Shepherd A/A X X X X X X X X A/A X
Councillor Mamie Simmons A/A X N A/A X X X
Mrs Cliona Kear X A/A A/A N X N N X Resigned
Dr Steven Bradley X X X X X A/A X X X X X X
Miss Anne-Marie Lister X A/A X X X X X A/A X X X X X X X
Mrs Beverley O’Neil X X X X X A/A X A/A X X X X A/A
Mrs Rachel Grimwood X X

Governor’s Meetings 2022-2023

Name Personnel Committee 4 October 2022 Curriculum Standards 11 October 2022 Finance Committee 3 November 2022 Full Governing Body 9 November 2022 Pay Review 18 November 2022 Personnel Committee 24 January 2023


Pay Review 26 January 2023


Finance Committee 26 January 2023 Full Governing Body 15 March 2023 Curriculum Standards 28 March 2023 Personnel Committee 18 April 2023 Finance Committee 30 April 2023 Finance Committee 12 May 2023 Full Governing Body 14 June 2023
Dr Chris Sparks X X X A/A X X
Mrs Sara Medland X X A/A X X X X X A/A
Mr Michael Martin X X X Resigned
Mrs Sarah Glover N X X X X X X
Mrs Michelle Mullholland X X X X X X
Mr Aiden Shepherd X X X X X X A/A X X A/A
Councillor Mamie Simmons X N X A/A A/A
Dr Steven Bradley X X X X X X X X X X X
Miss Anne-Marie Lister X X X Resigned
Michele Di Masio X X X X X X
Mrs Beverley O’Neil X Resigned
Mrs Rachel Grimwood V X

Governor’s Meetings 2023-2024

Name Personnel Committee 3 October 2023 Finance Committee 20 October 2023 Full Governing Body 8 November 2023 Curriculum Standards 5 December 2023       Curriculum Standards 23 January 2024 Finance & Premises 1 February 2024 Personnel Committee 5 March 2024 Full Governing Body 13 March 2024

Personnel Committee

30th March 2024

Dr Chris Sparks X X X X X
Mrs Sara Medland X N X X X X
Mrs Sarah Glover X X


Mrs Michelle Mullholland X N X


Mr Aiden Shepherd X N X X X X
Councillor Mamie Simmons X N A/A A/A A/A
Dr Steven Bradley X X N X X X
Michele Di Masio X X X X
Rosemary Smith A/A A/A
Lorraine Coghill X X A/A X X X
Mrs Rachel Grimwood