Norham class offers Specialist Sensory Provision for pupils with Profound, Multiple and Complex Learning Needs. Many of the pupils have additional medical needs and multi-sensory impairment.

The pupils in Norham class follow the pre-formal curriculum pathway. The curriculum is themed and modified to suit the needs of the pupils and incorporates advice provided by multi-agency professionals. The curriculum is based upon sensory activities invoking responses from the pupils using sight, smell, sound, taste and touch with frequent repetition of activities to embed concepts and skills.

The class teacher delivers most of the curriculum, supported by two Enhanced Teaching Assistants (part-time) and three Teaching Assistants. Specialist PE and swimming teachers deliver rebound, PE and swimming.

In Norham Class this term we have been working on our topic of “Winter”. We enjoyed a sensory story “The Snow Bear”, it was great fun being splashed by the bear as he jumped into the sea and we enjoyed trying to squish the fish the polar bear was hunting. As well as exploring winter, we have been learning about Chinese New Year, we have listened to music, listened to stories and have enjoyed making Chinese stir fry in our sensory cookery sessions.

We have also been out into the community and visited Durham Cathedral; this has been very exciting for us and we have loved all of the different sensory stimuli, the sun coming through the stained glass windows, the candles, feeling the stone work and the vestments. We are looking forward to more community visits over the coming weeks and months.

We have continued to be regular visitors at Bistro Ann – you should come along and join us, it’s great fun!

Below are some photographs that show some of the things we have been up to this half term.


Long Term Planning

To view the long term planning for all of our Pre-Formal classes please click the document below.