Tees class is a KS2 ASD discreet class within the Specialist Autistic Provision of Durham Trinity School and Sports College.


Tees class is made up of pupils from Year 3 – Year 6. All pupils present with varying and complex sensory needs, which require significant adult intervention to ensure their needs are met e.g., sensory diets, vestibular and proprioceptive activities and pupils are supported by an Enhanced Teaching Assistant and Two Teaching Assistants. Individuals with ASD often struggle with change, in Tees class we thrive on routine, structure with a child-centred environment. The focus of our classroom activities is to help our young people to remain emotionally regulated and to develop their social communication whilst developing their independence and functional understanding.


Our curriculum intention is to support and nurture our young people to help them become suitably independent members of society. Our curriculum is child centred, personalised to the individual learner. We use routines and music to help us develop our recognition of needs coupled with self-led play using themes or strands linked continuous provision e.g., dress up box to support “dressing/undressing”.

Through the EHCP process we set long term goals, with built in challenge, which are broken down in to small, chunked learning steps. The learners’ current motivations and/or interests are used to encourage and engage them in the learning activities, helping them achieve these goals.

Learning activities and learning opportunities are developed and implemented based on WHY the learner needs to experience it. Is it meaningful to the learner?

Long Term Planning

To view the long term planning for all of our Specialist Autistic Pathway KS2-5 classes please click the document below.