Lumley Class is part of the Key Stage 2 department.

Pupils in this class are Year 5 and Year 6 students and have a range of special educational needs including severe learning difficulties, needs relating to autistic spectrum disorder/condition, and complex medical needs.

The class is supported by an Enhanced Teaching Assistant, and 2 Teaching Assistants.

The class teacher and teaching assistants deliver most of the curriculum, which is semi-formal, to cater for the range of needs in the class. Independence, creativity, flexibility, learning about the world around us, living skills, communication, and health and well-being are all components of the curriculum, with some children also having more formal elements interwoven. P.E. and swimming are taught by specialist P.E. and swimming teachers.

To promote independence and life skills, Lumley Class also visit the cookery room once a week for cookery sessions and go on a community visit on the minibus or a walk once a week. We also use other rooms in school, such as the sports hall, fitness suite, and dining hall, and we make full use of the outdoor areas too.

The curriculum is taught through a focus-area approach, often incorporating the ideas of the children as an invaluable inspiration in day-to-day teaching, and is very person centred. This means we recognise that each person is important, valued, and significant, and we focus a lot on friendships, emotional regulation, and teamwork. The classroom is structured to allow children to know what is happening and when, and to allow them to use their classroom more and more independently, and most of all, to have fun whilst learning.

Long Term Planning

To view the long term planning for all of our Semi-Formal KS2 classes please click the document below.