Barnard Class is predominately a Key Stage 4 and 5 class

It currently provides specialist autistic provision for pupils in Years 11 to 14.

The class has a high staffing ratio supported by an Enhanced Teaching Assistant.

The class follow a bespoke curriculum that offers:

A relationship focused, person centered approach and one which is highly individualised and structured.

We provide appropriate long-term goals, and we use their interests and motivations creatively to gradually work towards their goals.

We provide opportunities to develop meaningful self-care, independence and independent living skills and offer opportunities that will support skill-based access to pre-entry level careers and in preparation for adulthood.

The class has meaningful access to the wider local community to encourage social engagement.

At the heart of the curriculum, we aim to promote emotional regulation and social communication.

Long Term Planning

To view the long term planning for all of our Specialist Autistic Pathway KS2-5 classes please click the document below.